Please see what some of our clients have to say:

I am a refugee who left his country and came to England for a reason. I don’t want to talk about my reasons for leaving my country . Same as every refugee I love my country with all of problems but I had to leave it because I had no choice.
When I arrived to England I didn’t know anything about this country, without any friends, money and someone who understand my language. I was so disappointed really and it was very sad time for me. I felt like I am loneliest person in the world . I didn’t know whats happening in future and it was so stressful until someone told us about a community centre for refugee and asylum seekers that helps to asylum seekers to learn English and solving problems for free .At first I didn’t want to go because I thought they cannot understand my language and its not helpful. But I was thinking that It can be an opportunity to change my life.so Ive decided to go there and when I went there I saw a volunteer who was working and helping to asylum seekers. All of the employees were so kind and very friendly to us and they explained all the progress and what they do. At first I couldn’t speak English but now I’m writing this story. As well as learning English I learned it doesn’t matter where you are from , what your religion is . Just be kind to people and it make you happy. PS I ve found my best friend there. Everyday we see each other and we are going to work together. This is now my new life and my new country.